About Us

We are two ex-Floridans in our mid-twenties living in Seattle (same old story, we know).  We are both graduates from New College of Florida. We have been united by our love of tasty food and we want to share it with the world!  We believe that there is more to food than just looking pretty and tasting good - its about nutrition, health, ecology, our bodies, our social lives and our planet.   Because "you are what you eat", we think everyone should have access to the good stuff, and knowledge of how to prepare it.  We are always learning new techniques and trying new things to share with you. 

We feel blessed to share in the natural bounty of Washington State, the Pacific Ocean and our universe and believe it is important to be responsible stewards of our environment, and respectful companions to the other creatures we share it with.  We are committed omnivores who support humane and sustainable farming practices and locally sourced food. 

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